4500 Series

Masonry Double Door Frames

  • 16 Gauge Cold Rolled or Galvanized Steel
  • Unequal Rabbet 2-inch Face (Also availble with 4-inch Face Heads)
  • 5/8” Stop Height
  • Exact Fit Mitered Corners
  • 7 Gauge Hinge Reinforcements with Standard / Heavy Duty Adjustment
  • 4-7/8” Universal Strike Preparation
  • Includes Floor Anchor
  • 9/32” Silencer Preparation
  • Wall Anchors for Masonry, Wood Stud and Metal Stud Walls, loose or welded in
  • 4-inch to 13-inch Jamb Depth
  • 20-Minute to 3-Hour Label
4500 Series
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